Rugged vehicle mounted computers are the key to Good Fleet Management

In the industrial sector, all the vehicles have to perform at their maximum under any possible environments and work conditions. Management and logistics personnel have to have a good system in place to give them up-to-date information, like mileage, loading capability, fuel efficiency, various real-time performance indicators, vehicle’s service record including notifications of upcoming maintenance service for each and every vehicle in the fleet.


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RuggON Announces MT7010 ARM Rugged Mobile Terminal

RuggON Corporation, a leader in the design and manufacturing of ruggedized computing products, today announces the launch of the MT7010, a new rugged mobile terminal with a large, intuitive touchscreen display and a huge variety of connectivity and communications options that make it flexible, easy to customize, and perfect for fleet management.

This versatile mobile terminal is ideal for a diverse range of applications, including in-cab vehicle navigation, electronic logging, trip and route management, critical event reporting, and trailer and vehicle monitoring.  Well designed for platoon and fleet applications, MT7010 supports various vehicle status monitor such as SAE J1939 protocol.
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RuggON Announces the Rextorm PX501 terminal, the versatile and rugged jack-of-all-trades

RuggON Corporation, a leader in the design and manufacturing of ruggedized computing products, is proud to present the best-selling, third generation Rextorm PX501. It is a single terminal, ready for any data collection, control, and management application, even in the harshest environments. The Rextorm PX501 is equipped with a powerful Intel Core™ i5 based on the latest 14nm Intel Kaby Lake architecture, a huge range of seamless connectivity and data capture options, and a practical touch screen display with bright, 1000 nits, sunlight readable display. Thanks to its massive battery life, ubiquitous GNSS coverage, and custom accessories allow for maximum mobility and off-base operation, while being backed by RuggON’s hallmark uncompromising ruggedness, it allows for extended off-base operation. As the best-in-class rugged tablet for virtually every scenario, the Rextorm PX501 thrives in construction, field maintenance, law enforcement and robotic or factory control, the Rextorm PX501 works anywhere humans work. Continue reading

Happy Canada Day !!!

We would like to wish all Canadians Happy Canada Day! We all live in a great country and we all have to remember what it takes to build a great country. On July 1st we all celebrate Canada’s birthday, but we also remember what it took to get to the point we are right now, we all have to be proud to be here and honor all the great people that built this country so we can enjoy our lives and the beauty of a nature here in Canada. We also must not forget the roots of this country, it’s values and tradition. Although we are the biggest multicultural nation on earth, we have to honor values and tradition of the country that adopted us all, no matter what our roots are.

Please remember, the country will remain great and strong only if all of us will work together to make it better instead of splitting into groups. Great people make a great country and not vice versa.

Happy Birthday Canada and Happy Canada Day to all Canadians. Together we are strong.

FedEx Implements RuggON VM-521 to Increase Eficiency

As a leading transport & logistic company, FedEx offers qualitied assured ground service deliveries each potential customer. While the deliveries might be just a few clicks away, the operations behind the screens prove to be much more complex.

FedEx chose RuggON VM-521, an ultra-rugged vehicle mount computer that provides an efficient communication with fast processing, broad range coverage, and stable transmission. Also, FedEx considered VM-521 for its versatile support on the scanning devices required for their e-checklists.

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Rugged VS Consumer tablets – Where is the difference?

For most people tablet is just a tablet. When we hear “Rugged”, we think big, heavy piece of equipment that is also very, very expensive. Why should I choose Rugged then? My tablet will do all the same, play music, read my emails, do research, go to the internet and do all these things computers do… Why Rugged?

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How to choose rugged computer or tablet for fleet management?

Rugged Vehicle mount computer (VMC) and Tablets play a very important role in fleet management. Syncronizing location, schedules, vehicle information data, driver input etc utilizing 4G and Global Navigation Sattelite System (GNSS) enabled equipment that allows both dispatcher and fleet manager get all important information and feedbacks in real-time, which helps improving drivers performance, schedules and efficiency.

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