RuggON Announces the Rextorm PX501 terminal, the versatile and rugged jack-of-all-trades

RuggON Corporation, a leader in the design and manufacturing of ruggedized computing products, is proud to present the best-selling, third generation Rextorm PX501. It is a single terminal, ready for any data collection, control, and management application, even in the harshest environments. The Rextorm PX501 is equipped with a powerful Intel Core™ i5 based on the latest 14nm Intel Kaby Lake architecture, a huge range of seamless connectivity and data capture options, and a practical touch screen display with bright, 1000 nits, sunlight readable display. Thanks to its massive battery life, ubiquitous GNSS coverage, and custom accessories allow for maximum mobility and off-base operation, while being backed by RuggON’s hallmark uncompromising ruggedness, it allows for extended off-base operation. As the best-in-class rugged tablet for virtually every scenario, the Rextorm PX501 thrives in construction, field maintenance, law enforcement and robotic or factory control, the Rextorm PX501 works anywhere humans work. Continue reading

Rugged VS Consumer tablets – Where is the difference?

For most people tablet is just a tablet. When we hear “Rugged”, we think big, heavy piece of equipment that is also very, very expensive. Why should I choose Rugged then? My tablet will do all the same, play music, read my emails, do research, go to the internet and do all these things computers do… Why Rugged?

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How to choose rugged computer or tablet for fleet management?

Rugged Vehicle mount computer (VMC) and Tablets play a very important role in fleet management. Syncronizing location, schedules, vehicle information data, driver input etc utilizing 4G and Global Navigation Sattelite System (GNSS) enabled equipment that allows both dispatcher and fleet manager get all important information and feedbacks in real-time, which helps improving drivers performance, schedules and efficiency.

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Czech Police Department Adopted RuggON PM-511 in Traffic Enforcement

With increasing complexity of traffic enforcement has made police tasks more difficult. In the imminent need for a better solution, the Czech police department is actively seeking specialized technologies to help them with traffic enforcement. They required a rugged technological device with related features such as evidence collection and traffic surveillance. For this purpose, the Czech police department turned to RuggON PM-511, a fully rugged tablet to maximize their efficiencies.

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