Rugged Mobile Solutions and Industry Application

Each Industry as well as each individual organization requires computers to support their day-to-day activities, achieve goals confidently and efficiently. As enterprise standards are far above high across all markets. Many field oriented companies require fully rugged computer solutions to be able to withstand the extreme environments that differ considerably from a regular day in the office.

For over 15 years Danaks Corp is being a place where old school, reliability oriented, military engineers work back to back, shoulder to shoulder with younger, innovative, performance oriented engineers and software developers to keep creating products that will never get obsolete, products that bring the term “Fully Rugged” to a completely new level.

See how Rugged computers and tablets meet the rugged computing requirements for the below industries, enterprise mobility structure, and workflows.


Border Control

The escalating European and Middle-East refugee crisis have been the major attention to border patrol in the region, while facing dangerous and harsh environments on a daily basis, they fight to protect and safeguard their nation’s land. RuggON PM-311B, the first on the market, to fully integrate with MRZ reader allows patrols to effectively and accurately collect and analysis data in one stop.


Defense & Security

When it comes to Military, Air forces and Navy, the most important key feature is flawless operation under any possible and impossible conditions, for over 15 years Danaks’ fully rugged custom computers successfully serving militaries over the globe. Our uniquely designed component bring together a machine that will serve it’s purpose for over 20 years with possibility of fully upgrading the machine without the need of replacement, re-installation or redeployment. Our fanless, fully sealed rugged computers, would be a perfect fit to any place needing long-term flawless operations.

A law enforcement officer with a ticket book stands by the side of a vehicle he has stopped, as the motorist pleads his case and trys to explain why he shouldn't receive a citation or moving violation.

Law Enforcement & Public Safety

When in the field, it is important for police and law enforcement officers to collect and organize mission-critical data anywhere and everywhere, a consistent battle fighting against crime rate. The RuggON MRZ & MSR two-in-one module enables officers to access data immediately by getting real-time communication right on the fully integrated rugged tablet leading to successful missions every time.


Firefighters & Rescue

Quick and timely notifications & reports, precise and responsive navigation, real-time updates and monitoring are crucial for firefighters and rescue teams. Danaks’ & RuggON’s Fully rugged tablets and vehicle mount computers will always help bring success to every mission. Danaks’ fully sealed box computers can be installed in special equipment and used in extreme temperature environments as they can successfully operate without performance loss under temperatures from -40°C to +75°C.


EMS, First Responders & Healthcare

Same as with firefighters and Rescue teams, when it comes to saving a life, reliability and performance are crucial. RuggON’s PX-501C will flawlessly help reading patient’s data by scanning their ID, thanks for the highest standards of wireless connectivity, medical personnel can upload patient’s information right to the servers in the hospital so it is ready for doctors even before patient have arrived.



With the advent of globalization, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the way of business operations, intelligent logistics plays a crucial role to realize highly effective logistics and reduce cost. The logistics is a complex and dynamic process to handle massive data volumes and respond in time. A device features easy, secure and rapid data communication as well as interconnects with data-collected peripherals are vital to intelligent logistics success.

man in blue shirt riding in a bus on a wet road on a rainy, overcast day

Fleet Management

The safety and timely delivery of cargo are vital to logistic industry. The fleet manager needs all information to track, monitor and manage fleet vehicle, cargo and driver in real-time, reduce delivery costs while improving customer satisfaction. The rugged structural superiority of RuggON’s tablets can withstand unpredictable road conditions to ensure stable operation. Featuring the latest and comprehensive wireless technology, RuggON tablets enhance in-transit visibility to optimize fleet dispatch and access real-time data.


Oil & Gas

Managing and maintaining assets such as Pipelines, Gas Stations, Power Plants, Electrical and Telecom Towers is an everyday struggle for the Industry. User-friendly is the keyword to increase work efficiency enabling field engineers to get the job done right and on time. Understanding the demand, Our fully rugged tablets are equipped with features such as class-leading sun-light-readable displays to operate under direct sunlight, 10 point capacitive touch screen that works with finger, glove & stylus pens for real-time data collection & sharing. Friendly Human-Machine-Interface & programmable buttons allow easy access to your everyday applications. With Danaks, your work day doesn’t have to be a struggle.



It’s fairly easy to recognize why construction workers need rugged mobile devices. For example, using Danaks’ 10″-12″ fully rugged tablets, foreman can easily read blueprints, manage inventory, put new orders through and instantly submitting data back to the office for analysis. Our devices are especially built to withstand rough environments and work conditions of construction zone. RuggON PX-501, DCT-Badger and DCT-Black Piranha are ready to assist your team in the field.

Geometra e Rilievi Topografici in campagna

Land Survey

Surveying can be quite challenging sometimes, when going to work in a field, facing mud, dust, high humidity, fog, rain, extreme heat or cold weather conditions, the workers must have a reliable device is a must for a successful mission. As a boss, what would you think if your team returned from a project without any information because a consumer grade tablet didn’t survive being accidentally dumped in mud ? I can say with 200% confidence that you and your customers wont be very happy. Danaks offers fully sealed waterproof, dust-proof, shock and vibration proof tablet computers, to minimize such situations.


Warehouse Management

Warehouse management aims at order accuracy, timely delivery, minimizing inventory costs, and decreasing labor costs, quick response has also become a core competitiveness of logistics field. Therefore, selecting the right device is a key to keep warehouse running smoothly and efficiently. Danaks’ & RuggON’s rugged tablets and vehicle mount computer feature the latest processor, structural superiority, well-thought-out I/O interfaces and data capture functions, which can fulfill the requirements of warehouse operation. By adopting the latest wireless technology and antenna design, they offer faster processing, broader coverage, more stable and efficient data transfer. In addition, built-in battery prevents system damage and data loss caused by unstable power input. Danaks’ & RuggON’s rugged devices is your dependable option for intralogistics application, even for freezer warehouse need.


Manufacturing & Quality Control

Working in the fast changing, high quality demand automotive manufacturing industry, means you’re most likely running a 24/7 shift where real-time data access & data sharing capabilities are required across the board by production managers, operators or inspectors alike. RuggON tablets are equipped with powerful & uninterrupted wireless communication capabilities to get the job done fast and accurately. Hot-swappable and high-capacity batteries makes it possible to stay online 24/7. Don’t forget to take advantage of our IP65 water & dust proof, drop, shock and vibration resistance docking stations. Securely dock RuggON’s rugged tablets to your work carts and start working along & around the production lines today.

Applications of Rugged computer systems can only be limited by your imagination, please feel free to contact us so we can help you with the right solution for your unique situation.