Happy Canada Day !!!

We would like to wish all Canadians Happy Canada Day! We all live in a great country and we all have to remember what it takes to build a great country. On July 1st we all celebrate Canada’s birthday, but we also remember what it took to get to the point we are right now, we all have to be proud to be here and honor all the great people that built this country so we can enjoy our lives and the beauty of a nature here in Canada. We also must not forget the roots of this country, it’s values and tradition. Although we are the biggest multicultural nation on earth, we have to honor values and tradition of the country that adopted us all, no matter what our roots are.

Please remember, the country will remain great and strong only if all of us will work together to make it better instead of splitting into groups. Great people make a great country and not vice versa.

Happy Birthday Canada and Happy Canada Day to all Canadians. Together we are strong.

Danaks Corp became an official representative of RuggON Corporation in Canada

We are very excited to announce our partnership with RuggON Corporation. Being part of Ubiqconn Technology Inc., RuggON always been a leader in manufacturing of Rugged tablets and Vehicle mounted computers in US and Europe. Becoming an official redistributor of RuggON’s equipment in Canada gives us an opportunity to offer our valued customers with a variety of affordable ruggedized mobile computing for their respectful businesses.

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