Rugged vehicle mounted computers are the key to Good Fleet Management

In the industrial sector, all the vehicles have to perform at their maximum under any possible environments and work conditions. Management and logistics personnel have to have a good system in place to give them up-to-date information, like mileage, loading capability, fuel efficiency, various real-time performance indicators, vehicle’s service record including notifications of upcoming maintenance service for each and every vehicle in the fleet.


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FedEx Implements RuggON VM-521 to Increase Eficiency

As a leading transport & logistic company, FedEx offers qualitied assured ground service deliveries each potential customer. While the deliveries might be just a few clicks away, the operations behind the screens prove to be much more complex.

FedEx chose RuggON VM-521, an ultra-rugged vehicle mount computer that provides an efficient communication with fast processing, broad range coverage, and stable transmission. Also, FedEx considered VM-521 for its versatile support on the scanning devices required for their e-checklists.

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Czech Police Department Adopted RuggON PM-511 in Traffic Enforcement

With increasing complexity of traffic enforcement has made police tasks more difficult. In the imminent need for a better solution, the Czech police department is actively seeking specialized technologies to help them with traffic enforcement. They required a rugged technological device with related features such as evidence collection and traffic surveillance. For this purpose, the Czech police department turned to RuggON PM-511, a fully rugged tablet to maximize their efficiencies.

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