FedEx Implements RuggON VM-521 to Increase Eficiency

As a leading transport & logistic company, FedEx offers qualitied assured ground service deliveries each potential customer. While the deliveries might be just a few clicks away, the operations behind the screens prove to be much more complex.

FedEx chose RuggON VM-521, an ultra-rugged vehicle mount computer that provides an efficient communication with fast processing, broad range coverage, and stable transmission. Also, FedEx considered VM-521 for its versatile support on the scanning devices required for their e-checklists.

With over 25 domestic distribution centers in the United States, FedEx distribution center would receive thousands of tightly scheduled parcels every day. To increase their efficiency, FedEx would need an integrated computing product that would help create a smooth and seamless distribution process.

FedEx distribution center’s crucial tasks begin with the hundreds of packages carefully removed from their parcel trucks to the package processing stations. Every processing station is equipped with a VM-521 terminal that supports 12V COM port connection for their handheld scanning devices.

When the workers scan a package, , VM-521 seamlessly integrate the package checklist with the scanning procedure, which verifies invalid information and reminds the station. Once the package information is scanned the data will be sent through the computer onto the data server.

To realize an efficient distribution hub, all staff must receive the change of orders at first notice and a clear real time voice command offers the right directions immediately is especially critical. With VM-521 installed the staffs were able to receive new updates instantly, as this computer is specially designed with a long distance and high definition 90 dB speakers.

Seamless, efficient, competent is what one would describe
FedEx’s distribution centers, RuggON is proud to support FedEx accomplish their new mission milestones and deliver greater customer value.

Yaroslav M.