Rapid Field Service Deployment with RuggON PX-501

Maintaining a country’s power supply is a challenging task, this is especially true for one of the Polish energy company that supplies power to railways and businesses. The company sought to improve their field service productivity by adopting new handheld tablets for efficient time management and resource allocation.

The Convenient Solution

The new device would have to provide them with real-time deployment features, including maintenance history, rugged durability, data collection, and deployment management. RuggON PX-501, a rugged tablet with sunlight readability, precise digitizer pen, IP65, MIL-STD-810g shock & vibration, and exceptional mobility, provided the perfect opportunity for their field service engineers to achieve an efficient line of operation.

Immediate Accessibility

Field Service operations require immediate access to information, as most engineers travel across the country on a tight schedule. PX-501’s connectivity and mobility provides the engineers with immediate access to any database server, the tablet can serve as a mobile information center where the headquarters can send real-time dispatch orders to the nearest personnel. In addition, PX-501’s long hour battery life also allows extended time of service, which grants engineers to work around the clock at any given time.

PX-501 provides real-time wireless connectivity options with the database server, providing engineers access to vital information while omitting any communication errors made through traditional intercoms. The collected data can then be uploaded back onto the database, which makes the next scheduled maintenance operation run smoothly.

Environmental Responsibility

Field service engineer use to fill in massive amount of paperworks to keep track of each power line, but the energy company realized that this method is environmental irresponsive and aim to eliminate the waste of paper. Utilizing PX-501 in their field service operations, engineers can record data into servers in an environmental fashion and reduce the amount of carbon footprints needed for each operation.

Impeccable Durability

Even during raining or snowing weather, the Polish field services engineers are on duty, as the Polish public depends on their efforts to maintain power services. This is where PX-501 takes place, with its IP65 waterproof ratings, the rugged tablet can help secure vital information and set up a line of communications in rainy weathers, the wide temperature ranges (-20° C to +60° C) also ensure engineers to complete their task under snowy weather.

RuggON PX-501 is grateful to assist with Polish field service engineers’ operations, given that their hard working efforts are the pillars that support the country’s power supply.

Yaroslav M.