Rugged vehicle mounted computers are the key to Good Fleet Management

In the industrial sector, all the vehicles have to perform at their maximum under any possible environments and work conditions. Management and logistics personnel have to have a good system in place to give them up-to-date information, like mileage, loading capability, fuel efficiency, various real-time performance indicators, vehicle’s service record including notifications of upcoming maintenance service for each and every vehicle in the fleet.


However, a good fleet management system won’t operate without peripheral products that streamline and provide the most up-to-date information on their vehicles. The essential gear of this system is Rugged vehicle mounted computer that is interconnected with vehicle’s electronics and is able to timely transmit information to head office for analysis that can assist with troubleshooting if any issues arise.

Productivity and Technology

More and more companies are upgrading to fully integrated fleet management systems, which are wirelessly interconnected with every computer installed on board of each of fleet’s vehicles, allowing them to retrieve real-time status updates, as well as the ability to adjust haulage operations and production to minimize downtime and bring the productivity to a new level.

In vehicle computers are capable of reporting idling and refueling times of haul trucks, as well as the ability to track vehicles location, payload, cost codes, mechanical health etc. Those computers can even interconnect with various sensors and cameras mounted on the vehicle, read real-time information from vehicle’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) , like speed, torque, various pressures and temperatures etc, which gives an ability to predict faults or drive ignition control to improve the reliability of the vehicles.

Safety First

Rugged vehicle integrated computer systems can drastically improve safety and regulatory compliance for many industries, especially in cases of fatigue control, collision prediction / prevention and speed limit monitoring.

These in-vehicle computers are equipped with GPS and LTE capabilities, allowing them track the speed and location of vehicle and report to the control center in real-time as well as alert the drivers if they’re going too fast or are in a wrong direction / area.

Integrated fleet management system can also track driver’s rest time, detect unstable driving behavior, drive emergency stop mechanisms and work with obstacle detection sensors to prevent collisions. Built-in ignition control in RuggON’s Rugged computers may be programmed to restrict the driver from starting the vehicle if they exceeded driving time for the day.

Mission Control for Vehicle Operators

As more and more technology makes it’s way into vehicles and machinery, operators are faced with an increasing number of responsibilities.

At any time, a vehicle operator may be monitoring elevation, environmental conditions, surrounding vehicles, while keeping an eye on vehicle’s diagnostics, payload, proximity and other various sensors mounted on their vehicles.

In-vehicle computers can help reduce the distraction, by taking control of all vehicle’s systems, so the operator only can see the information and alerts that need immediate attention, which helps them do their job efficiently and safely.

Get the job done with the right tools

We understand that in-vehicle computers are essential in ensuring efficiency, productivity and safety. Although, ordinary out-of-the-box computers cannot withstand to the rigors of the job. Many drivers and Fleet Management Companies around the globe, found their perfect tool in RuggON’s vehicle mounted computers and tablets.

Especially designed to withstand harsh environments and rough usage, with a proven lifespan of over five years, RiggON’s equipment will always get the job done reliably and in timely manner.

All our in-vehicle computers are shock and vibration proof, for consistent reliability and up-time, even while traveling on uneven surface.

Painless integration

RuggON’s in-vehicle computers and tablets are built with integration in mind. They support vehicle ignition control and especially designed to fit dashboard of any vehicle, using VESA mounts or specialized docking stations.

They accept various DC inputs and have internal battery backup (UPS) in case of power failure and various inputs and outputs as well as external antennas for GPS and LTE

For application requiring multiple displays, RuggON’s equipment support a connection of secondary display.

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Yaroslav M.