Czech Police Department Adopted RuggON PM-511 in Traffic Enforcement

With increasing complexity of traffic enforcement has made police tasks more difficult. In the imminent need for a better solution, the Czech police department is actively seeking specialized technologies to help them with traffic enforcement. They required a rugged technological device with related features such as evidence collection and traffic surveillance. For this purpose, the Czech police department turned to RuggON PM-511, a fully rugged tablet to maximize their efficiencies.


Road casualties are one of the major threats in Czech Republic, driving the Czech police department to seek for a reliable and versatile solution to assist officers detect traffic violations, verify ID, scan license plates, and connect to data servers more efficiently.


RuggON PM-511, a robust tablet built with wide temperature operability, IP65, MIL-STD-810G for shock & vibration, sunlight readability, 6-feet drop resistance and different port options to support various applications. For efficient traffic enforcement, the police must need the necessary sensors, cameras, radars and computing platforms compatibility. Thus, PM-511 was chosen by the Czech police department to work alongside with their officers for its solid and reliable features.


Once the Czech police vehicles were armed with PM-511, they were able to act as a mobile surveillance; meantime the police officers were also able to act quickly when they spotted a suspected vehicle.

The Head of Territorial Department colonel of Svitavy. Mgr Libor Bauer and head of Transport Inspectorate colonel Mgr. Martin Konecny both claimed that RuggON’s PM-511 offered great assistance as they stated, “RuggON PM-511 in civilian version of police vehicles will become a significant tool in detecting and documenting violations committed on major routes. In some regions, numerous people lost their lives over the last thre/e years. We cannot allow people dying unnecessarily on their roads. Therefore, those who threaten other participants will have to account for reckless driving to police officers in vehicles for covert surveillance.”

With PM-511’s computing device, officers can use detection tools such as radars to record crucial capture images of incidents, detect traffic violations, scan license plates, and link to database for real-time information. In addition, the rugged tablet also offers seamless and stable wireless communications so that officers can receive real time information.

As the Head of Territorial Department colonel stated heavily that their device will have to withstand various environmental conditions, such as rainy weather and physical impact. Officers that are working under rainy weathers don’t have to worry when using RuggON PM-511 as its IP65 water & dust proof can protect the device from heavy rain. In addition, when police vehicles are approaching a road chase, collisions and impacts were a common incident. Different from consumer tablets the PM-511 is suitable to withstand these situations as it can withstand 6-feet drop resistance and comes with MIL-STD-810G anti-shock & vibration.

The ability to endure extreme temperatures is another one of PM-511’s notable features. PM-511 supports operating temperatures of -20°C to +50°C along with storage temperatures between -30°C to +70°C. RuggON PM-511 is the dependable device to withstand these harsh environments since it offers the durability that commercial tablets don’t provide.

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PM-511 can support radar and camera for the purpose of speed violation detection. Once the tablet is connected on the detection devices, the captured vehicle information such as car model, license plate, car speed,
driver information and other details will be displayed on the tablet and sent to headquarters for analysis. This information allows the officer to quickly determine the related fines, without wasting time on redundant paperwork. The officer can also use the tablet to send information to other police unit for further investigation. Built with durable ruggedness and reliable connections, RuggON PM-511 is the ideal choice for law enforcement tasks.

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